The Image of Nursing

Nursing is “The Most Trusted Profession” according to the Gallup survey of public perceptions for 2011. Yet we continue to have so many negative images in the media that plague our profession. Most trusted profession? Tell us what you really think? Would you trust the “naughty nurse” to start your I.V.? Or would you trust the nurse who commits adultery and steals drugs from patients to give you health and wellness advice? I am sure you would answer no to these questions yet this is the image of nurses in the media today. I am honored that the public has voted our profession as the most trusted. It says to me that what we do every day, one on one, with our patients does not go unnoticed. So, why doesn’t the media portray the same image our patients have of us? What is the solution to the negative Hollywood image that makes us appear as doctor’s pets and doctors as life saving professionals? Truth is, the best doctors could actually be nurses 🙂

Nurses….we need your support! Join our movement to ensure that the “Most Trusted Profession” is respected in the media! Visit and sign up TODAY!

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4 thoughts on “The Image of Nursing

  1. To my Fellow Nurses and Friends,
    I must start off by saying that life is short. As some of you may know I work on a mother baby unit.
    I recieved a pt G6P4 repeat c-section, post op day 1.
    **************My Story****************
    The person in mind is happy, speaking to me and we are having a wonderful conversation as I was assessing her and providing post op care.
    Then in a matter minutes… the pt expresses SOB, & diaphoresis.
    I immediately jumped into action got the O2 on her put the BP cuff on her, called for help.
    My help, called Rapid Response, then our supervisor.
    While assessing her…felt a pulse (thready but none the less a pulse) …rapid response showed up in minutes and took over.
    Check BS 147.
    I followed my pt to ICU and stayed with her helping out the team and doing whatever I could do while “the team” took over.
    And you know if anything can go wrong that day it would… ex…the blood tubes went down to lab without labels so I ran up and down 5 flights to get them what they need.
    The team worked on her while the family showed up… emotional “How can a new mom be here in ICU”. I think to myself in silence the same thing. The end result the pt had a PE and passed the next day. I feel so crushed…for the family, for that new baby.
    I think about what that mother went thru for her baby.
    That her baby will not feel the nourishment and bond of his mom.
    Speaking as a mom its tuff to not be there for your child when they need you at any time of the day. I will tell you friends that she fought, but it was too late.
    *****************My feelings***************
    Thank you for letting me vent this out. It has been an emotional rock on my chest. As I type this blog to you I am filled with tears. We are nurses and its tuff not be emotionally involved in your pt life, literally . Thanks again…Jen Jen 🙂

  2. The thoughts in my mind today is if this happens againg what can I do differently. Instead of the MD just ordering a H & H in the am should we have gotten a CBC to see if anything else is going on like the PT and INR? Start Lovenox injections from the results of the CBC?
    Textbook any surgical procedure waist down is at risk for a clot…
    But what could I do next time to make it better…
    Pls I would love to know your thoughts on this…
    Jen Jen

  3. The good aspect of nurses are projected by people yet they see nurses as person they can easily assess

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