Nursing First……everything else will follow!

So what does “Nursing First” mean exactly? When a nurse or member of the nursing team is educated, motivated, mentored, and inspired, everything else falls into place. The focus on nursing education should be at the forefront of health care. We must begin to place an emphasis on education of the new nurse beyond traditional schooling. Programs should be offered to prepare the new nurse with the tools to succeed in her first year. “How to Survive Your First Year in Nursing” is a workshop designed for the new nurse and the nursing student. It provides the participant with answers to questions that so often go unanswered. Everything I wish I was taught in nursing school but wasn’t is packed into this 6 hour workshop. So if the question is “how do I survive my first year in nursing?” The answer is simple……education, motivation, inspiration and mentoring from seasoned nurses.


Sylette DeBois, RN

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