Nurses Week: Educating, Empowering, & Enhancing

This week we celebrate the nurses who educate, empower, & enhance the nursing profession. Each day this week we will showcase a nurse interview. With this blog, we hope to bring nursing closer together by uplifting each other through personal stories.

How long have you been a nurse? Is it your 1st or 2nd career?

I have been a nurse since 2001 (eleven years). This is my first career. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education/Human services.

What is your highest degree? Are you currently in school?

Bachelor’s degree, Yes, I am currently in school.

What is your current position/specialty?

Prior Authorization/ Utilization Management Registered Nurse

What areas of nursing have you worked in?

Adult Medical/Surgical, Neonatal ICU, Pediatric Medical/Surgical, Adult Neurosurgery, Newborn Nursery, Day care for medically fragile children.

What have been your fondest memories during your nursing career

Working in pediatrics and neonatal ICU, It is very rewarding when the babies and children come back to visit the nursing staff.

What are your professional nursing goals?

To obtain a master’s degree in the area of Family Nurse Practitioner and someday establish a clinic for the care of children and adolescents.

How do you feel about the “BSN in 10” law?

I am not familiar with this law.

Where do you see yourself in nursing in the next 5 years?

Working as a Family Nurse Practitioner in a pediatric practice or clinic.

What do you think are challenges facing the nursing profession? Current and future?

Current challenges would be the nursing shortage, long hours, non competitive salary. Future challenges: Nursing shortage, not enough nurses in research.

How do you feel about the new graduate nurses and their transition from nursing school to the field?

I think that new graduate nurses need more structure and classes instituted in their transition from the classroom to the workforce.

If you weren’t a nurse, what would be your profession?

I would be a health education teacher.

What is your personal and/or professional mission statement?

To use my God-given talents as a nurse, to give the best care.

S. F., R.N, Georgia

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