What’s Your Purple Cow?

So what’s your Purple Cow

People are opening up businesses now more than ever. The word entrepreneur was previously associated with a person who did not want to work or a person who could not hold a steady job so they were constantly seeking a way to escape the 9 to 5. Today this is definitely not the case. An entrepreneur is considered a go-getter or a trailblazer, a person who seeks financial independence. There are so many opportunities for small businesses to T.H.R.I.V.E.

Unfortunately there’s so many new businesses popping up that it makes it hard for a small business to THRIVE…… So what is the solution? I have been in business for over 5 years but the truth is I’m not in the place I’m destined to be in. So what makes me an expert? Why should you listen to me or be a part of my network? I’ll tell you why, I offer something most entrepreneur experts don’t, the TRUTH! There is no fluff here at all. I am an expert in supplying other entrepreneurs with real life solutions and the tools and resources to THRIVE in their businesses. I put people in touch with other people and places that will help you get to your GOAL. I am not afraid to share what I know. That is my “Purple Cow!”

Let’s say you owned a cab company and there were five other companies competing with you so you decided to paint your cabs pink to stand out. This would be an excellent marketing tool. However, after a few months of customers paying the same price or receiving the same cab services as all the other cab services, you become just another cab service with pink cabs! Apple makes computers and cell phones and so do so many other companies. However, what makes them special is that they have transcended the industry beyond the typical cell phone and computer. Their products exceed the consumers’ expectations.

The hard cold truth is….if you are not offering something different, the “Purple Cow,” your business probably won’t survive. You need to ask yourself: “How many other entrepreneurs are doing exactly what I’m doing?” “Do I offer the exact same services?” “What makes me stand out above and beyond my competition?” “Do I have a Purple Cow?” “Am I transcending lives and making a big difference with my target market.”

The truth is, in order to stand out you must be more than different. You must be “EXTRA-ORDINARY.” Your “Purple Cow” is what sets you completely apart from the competition. It is your niche’. It is different from anything anyone has ever done or seen before. It serves a must need for your customer and provides them with something that will transcend their lives. Being different will reach a few-being EXTRA-ORDINARY will reach the masses.

Sylette DeBois

President, Nursing First



If your goal is to transcend your business beyond belief or be a part of a group of trailblazers ready to share everything we know…..Join Nursing First’s group T.H.R.I.V.E.

Being a part of a group that is ready to break down that brick wall and reach levels previously unimaginable will not only put you on the path to success but ensure that you have support every step of the journey!

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