CNA’s are not always treated with respect….

A lot of CNA’s do not get treated with respect and it is usually because of their title and what they do. Some nurses treat CNA’s as if they are their own personal maid and feel that what they do is not important. CNA’s are so much more than that and everything that they do is very important! The responsibilities of a CNA are what keep nurses aware of what is going on with their patients. CNA’s are nurses ‘Eyes & Ears’ and their duties are to help the patients with their needs. A CNA should not get treated any less than any other staff member. Their role is very important as any other member of the care team and should be taken seriously and treated with respect. Nurses need to always make sure that they take the time out to thank their CNA’s because their job is not always easy.  Any little appreciation can go a long way.

 It is better to work together as a team then to stand apart and judge. ~CW


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