Find peace at work by finding the job for YOU!!

How many people continue to work at a job that they hate? …… A LOT, but why? If you have to prepare yourself before you go to work or always go with negative energy because you know nothing has changed rather it is staffing, co-workers, patients, documentation or the facility, why stay? No job is perfect, but there are jobs out there pretty close to it and to your liking. You just have to be willing to put in the work and face the many challenges that this new journey will take you. We have so MANY opportunities out there that fits the liking of EVERY type of nurse. DO NOT limit yourself to just one position, one title, one unit, one hospital, one nursing home or even city, state & country. Broaden your horizon in nursing find out what you like and do not like. Find out what you enjoy and love doing. No one can do a job effectively if they absolutely hate it. No one can be at peace going to a job that they absolutely hate. No one can grow if they limit themselves because they are afraid of the little challenges that they will face. No journey to success is perfect, so hold your head up through every obstacle and keep on moving forward.

So the next time you go to work pay attention to yourself:

  • See if you automatically have an attitude before you even get there. 
  • See if you feel or bring negative energy to the work environment.
  • See if you are unhappy, not at peace, beyond stressed out.
  • See if you complain about EVERYTHING.
  • See if you feel no one listens to your concerns & or needs.
  • See if you do not feel that the patients are not getting the care that they need.
  • See if you stay to yourself all shift & refuse to deal with your co-workers.
  • See if you even like bed side nursing.
  • See if you like documentation.
  • See if you like floating.
  • See if you even like your unit.
  • See if you would consider traveling, maybe even overseas. You will never know until you try it.

Find PEACE at work by finding out what you ENJOY doing and then from there take ACTION! Begin looking jobs that really interest you, make a list of about five things you enjoy doing in nursing, then apply for ten. NEVER EVER leave one job UNTIL you are in and HIRED at your new job! Rather you like your present job or not because a job is a job and at least you have one. It may not be the one you want right now, but it something you can be thankful for until you make your move!!!


What to do when Patients are NOT being honest with you??

NEW ADMISSION: During the assessment – Have you ever had a patient refuse to tell you everything that was in their bag/purse? Or have they just flat-out lied, saying that they do not have any other medications or none at all?

If you ever come across a situation like this where a patient refuses to be honest with you with what they have in their bag/purse, below are some steps to handling this type of situation.

1. Always ask the patient first if they are taking anything and if so what.

2. Ask them what exactly are they taking & how often.

3. If what they tell you do not add up with their symptoms or etc., tell them that “Your symptoms do not add up with the medications that you are taking and is their anything else that you could possibly be on or have with you? Or is there something else that you could have mistakenly taken?”

4. Charting everything that the patient has brought with them to the hospital is a part of the assessment including EVERYTHING in their bag/purse. Not just charting that they have a bag. Ask the patient to empty their bag/purse.

5. If the patient says, NO! Then you have a right to ask security to come and empty the patient’s bag/purse ONLY if you honestly feel that they are NOT being honest with you.


7. Let security come up and empty their bag/purse and go through each item.

8. Once they find something CHART IT and chart that security search their belongings after you simply asked the patient to empty their bag/purse, but they refuse to.

9. SEND ALL of the medication down to Pharmacy!!!

10. Know that you did not invade the patient privacy, but simply prevented them from over medicating their self.

Your job as a Nurse is to attend to the patients medical needs, which means you need to know everything that they are taking in order for the Doctor to know what to continue and or to STOP! You are the Doctors eyes & ears and rather they show that they appreciate you are not, you are very important to them. So if going that extra mile helps prevents more complications for the patient then go with that gut feeling if you feel the patient is NOT being honest with you! They will thank you later and if not, just know that you have done your job right!