EVERYTHING is about business now and LESS about the PATIENTS! Hospitals care so much about the paperwork and documents and NOT enough about taking care of the actual patient. Then they wonder why the patients keep having to come back! Documentation is VERY important because it helps us keep track of what’s going on with the patient and how to properly take care of the patient,  but now it’s to the point where they want us at the Nurse’s Station 24/7 just charting. How can we possibly chart HONESTLY if we are glued to the computer? It’s causing unnecessary issues that could have been prevented if the patient was checked on more often. Some Nurses will stay at the Nurses station all shift and just chart never really seeing what’s really going on with the patient! It’s just ridiculous, if you were a patient wouldn’t you want someone checking on you making sure you are getting the care you need to get discharged soon rather than ending up with something else you did not come to the hospital with. This needs to change before something happens do to having to chart more than giving PATIENT CARE!


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