STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift!

Have you ever got to work and before you could even get to your locker you have everybody coming up to you saying how bad of a shift it was for them? Did you answer yes? Well, so did I and it completely changed my mood for a second! I had to think and say to myself, “I won’t let someone else’s negative energy (Fake Encouragement) affect me.” I knew that if I let their comment sink in and fester that it could affect my shift.

Why is it that just because you had a bad shift, you have to make others feel sorry for you? Or get them upset by predicting how their shift will turn out? (Telling someone, “Oh this patient was horrible and his family isn’t no better” is not the proper nor professional way of giving information or report. Try saying, “This patient was not very compliant for me, even after giving his medication. Nothing really calmed him down except for when his family was not around, they seem to get him worked up a bit. I suggest you ask them to leave early so he can calm down a bit for you once you give him his meds.”) If you know what will and what will not work for a certain patient why not help your next shift out by giving them some helpful tips to make things easier for them. Maybe next time when they are giving report to you they can do the same in return.

As caregivers we have to look out for one another, which is something that is not done often. Why wish someone a bad shift or say it’s going to be horrible or that the patient they have is a total mess. Maybe if you took the time out to handle things properly instead of getting frustrated with the patient and his family, your shift could have been better or at least easier. If you do not have time to straighten things out then have someone else do it who has time or let the new shift know that maybe trying some other alternatives to help with the non easy patient & family members.

No part of nursing is really easy so why make it harder on yourself or your co-workers…..

Separate we have purpose, Together we have POWER. ~Sylette

Doctors, Nurses, Aides, Phlebotomist, Housekeeping & Nursing students ==> *A note to yourself, “STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift! Don’t put them in a bad mood before they even start because it can affect how they act towards or treat their patients.”

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