10 Ways to Exemplify Nursing Leadership

By: EducationCareerArticles

It’s no secret that the nursing profession is one of service and dedication to patients and other healthcare staff. There are two ways to teach a person to do something, to tell them and to show them. Nurse Managers who take a servant leadership stance in their department are actively improving care. By demonstrating the role of a servant leader, nurses are demonstrating how nurses should treat their patients. Here are ten ways to demonstrate servant leadership.

Active listening: Attentively listen to the concerns of the nursing staff and support their conclusions accordingly.

Empathy: Make it a point to empathize with every nurse’s concern, regardless of how small it may seem.

Healing: Promote healing in the workplace by seeking a solution to differences, troubles and ultimately resolving any negative emotions.

Awareness: Emotional Intelligence is essential in the workplace as is being self-aware. Regardless of how you feel, always observe circumstances from a holistic perspective, considering all involved.

Persuasion: Rather than seeking to covertly influence someone to accept your point of view, use an assertive, but personal approach that will appeal to them.

Conceptualize: An effective leader must look beyond the immediate set of circumstances and situations in their department to develop a plan for long-term progress.

Foresight: Anticipate the likely result of decisions and strive to obtain the best possible outcome.

Stewardship: Make efficient use of resources in the department, from staff to materials. Give to others without concern of personal gain.

Commitment to the growth of others: Regardless of position or level in the department, have a commitment to seeing all staff grow and flourish.

Community: Understand the importance of building a sense of community in the workplace.

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