10 things only ER Nurses Understand

By: Scrubs Editor


Coping with frequent fliers. Eating lunch right after cleaning up a messy trauma. Patients who are, well, impatient. ER nurses, we feel your pain!

We asked our Facebook fans for the little things about life on the job that only ER nurses would “get”–laugh (and nod your head in agreement!) at their responses below!

10 things only ER nurses understand

1. How to overcome the stares of hatred from patients waiting in the lobby who have no concept of the words “triage system.”
–Heather Shaw Holliday

2. Patients being allergic to all pain medications except Dilaudid. Or they are allergic to Tylenol, but Vicodin is fine…
–Jenny Bronkema 

3. When the EMS radio goes off with a critical patient and everyone runs to the bathroom because it might be a long time before we get another chance to pee!!
–Nicki Marquardt

4. Most patients: “I was minding my own business” and “I only had two drinks.” I have now decided that minding your own business and two drinks are the most dangerous activities.
–Nikki Anjere 

5. Being able to eat lunch right after cleaning up (insert body part/fluid here) from a particularly messy trauma.
–Aleece Joy Browdy Ellison 

6. How many nurses are required to “supervise” a procedure when the fire rescue hotties are called in to help!
–Elizabeth Gomez

7. Betting on a patient’s blood alcohol level.
–Janine Vose

8. Patients who come in complaining of nausea and vomiting “20 times before I got here;” after they get pain and nausea meds they are demanding something to eat because they are “starving!” LOL!
–Kim Drennen 

9.  Telling “normal” patients, “Don’t worry, he will be fine” as they look at you all worried as the patient next to them is going crazy and you are ignoring their antics!
–Kelle Lawson 

10. Wondering whose life I may help save this shift!
–Mark Streicher 

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