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Sylette DeBois DNP, MSN-Ed., RN, HTC

Nursing First LLC

Nurse Educator/Advocate/Consultant

Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (678) 653-3313


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One thought on “Contact Us (you won’t regret it)

  1. Hi, Everyone
    My name is Patrisha Jeff. I have been a nursing professional for more than 15 years. It is always exciting to meet others like myself who have a passion for people and nursing. The two can’t really be separated because NURSING is people. I loved the article and totally agree that we have to take a pro-active not reactive stance to how we wish to be regarded. Yes, the occasional hospital romance goes on and even the ugly politics of nursing. By and large nursing is awesome. A whole profession dedicated to love and strength and new beginnings. How many miracles have you witnessed and can humbly acknowledge your own contribution. Quietly, of course cause we are unsung heroes and loving folks we have never met nor have any connection to…Is Who we are and What we do. Love yall. The only way to change the image is by speaking against negative imagery. We all have to be willing to do our share. Keep up the TRUTH WORK!
    Peace Out PBJ.RN CargillColonics Lawrenceville GA

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