Mentorship Program


What is mentoring? Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced person helps to guide a less experienced person. The mentor is a guide, expert, and a role model who helps develop new mentees. The American Nurses Association (2017) states that mentoring programs serve as a foundation for nurses. Nurse mentors help advance the nursing practice because it promotes learning and growth in the profession. Research states that a high percentage of new nurses, anywhere from 23-60%, leave their job or the profession altogether within two years. This program is designed to support you during the most challenging time of your career….. your first year of nursing.

What is a good mentor? A good mentor is a person that takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. Good mentors do not take their responsibility as a mentor lightly. A good mentor is committed to helping their mentees find success and gratification in their chosen profession.

When does the program start? The official start date is October 1, 2017. Registration begins tomorrow, Friday, September 1, 2017.

Is this program free? Yes 100% free!

What does the program include? I’m glad you asked J the answer is below.

  1. Monthly teleconferences (will be recorded if you can’t attend)
  2. Mastermind group meet-ups
  3. Monthly newsletter (full of resources for the new nurse)
  4. Access to 24 hour communication (you will have a private social media page and an email specifically for you to ask the mentor questions)
  5. Discounts to Nursing First’s products (including the 1st annual conference held in the summer of 2018-mentees will be honored at the conference)
  6. A chance to mentor other new nurses
  7. Access to all career info for new nurses

So where and how do I sign up? Fill in your contact information below and someone from the Nursing First team will get back to you with the next steps.

This is an exclusive program so don’t wait to sign up. We only have room for a select few in order for this program to be successful.

If you have any questions not answered here regarding this program please email me:

To sign up for this one-year mentoring program please fill in your information below and submit. I look forward to serving you soon.

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