A Nurse Who Worked to Death

NurseTogether.Com By: Lorie Brown With many hospital staffing cuts today, professional nurses end up clocking in longer shifts and skipping breaks. And as the tragic story of Beth Jasper shows, it has horrible consequences. Beth Jasper, a 38-year-old registered nurse at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, was one of the few nurses at that facility whoContinue reading “A Nurse Who Worked to Death”

3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!

NursingTogether.Com By: Jennifer Ward Every day we meet a lot of various types of people. But handling different types of nurses at work can be a daunting task. It can be very frustrating working with lazy, difficult co-workers who don’t pull their weight. If you have been in this profession for any length of time, youContinue reading “3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!”

STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift!

Have you ever got to work and before you could even get to your locker you have everybody coming up to you saying how bad of a shift it was for them? Did you answer yes? Well, so did I and it completely changed my mood for a second! I had to think and sayContinue reading “STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift!”