Professionalism in Nursing: What Does It Really Mean?

By: In order to understand the concept of professionalism in nursing, we first need to define the word profession. Webster describes profession as a “chosen, paid occupation requiring prolonged training and formal qualification.” Professionals, therefore can be defined as individuals expected to display competent and skillful behaviors in alignment with their profession. Being professionalContinue reading “Professionalism in Nursing: What Does It Really Mean?”

6 tips to cope with short-staffing and a nursing shortage

NurseTogether.Com By: Jennifer Ward Another kind of nursing shortage is commonly experienced nowadays in the form of being short-staffed. And it is caused by many factors. First, there are times when there are simply shortages of nurses available to a particular area. Or there are more patients than usual or more patients with serious illnesses.Continue reading “6 tips to cope with short-staffing and a nursing shortage”

10 Ways to Exemplify Nursing Leadership

By: EducationCareerArticles It’s no secret that the nursing profession is one of service and dedication to patients and other healthcare staff. There are two ways to teach a person to do something, to tell them and to show them. Nurse Managers who take a servant leadership stance in their department are actively improving care. ByContinue reading “10 Ways to Exemplify Nursing Leadership”

Health Care is Waiting for Nursing Professionals to Speak Their Minds

NursingTogether.Com By: Lorie Brown                                       When I was a nurse, I did not want to share my thoughts on ways to improve patient care and now I realize I was not alone. A few months back “The Wall Street Journal” published a study showing that 33% of nursing professionals in a New York hospital saidContinue reading “Health Care is Waiting for Nursing Professionals to Speak Their Minds”

5 Biggest Blunders Nurses Make in their Career!

NursingTogether.Com By: Sue Heacock Before jumping into the article, take a look in the mirror. See the human staring back at you? Nurses, like all other members of the human race, make mistakes. We are well aware that errors made by nurses can affect their career. It can impact the progression of healing and theContinue reading “5 Biggest Blunders Nurses Make in their Career!”

10 Tips to Beat Anxiety When Taking the NCLEX Exam!!

NurseTogether.Com By: Sue Heacock  Whether you’re taking a short quiz or the NCLEX exam, you’re sure to encounter test anxiety. It is that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you feel that you will inevitably fail, no matter what. It is the physical tension and the headache that creeps up onContinue reading “10 Tips to Beat Anxiety When Taking the NCLEX Exam!!”

3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!

NursingTogether.Com By: Jennifer Ward Every day we meet a lot of various types of people. But handling different types of nurses at work can be a daunting task. It can be very frustrating working with lazy, difficult co-workers who don’t pull their weight. If you have been in this profession for any length of time, youContinue reading “3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!”

Are You Complaining Too Much About Being a Nurse?

NursingTogether.Com By: Alicia Pierre The quick answer is yes. A more apt answer is who doesn’t? An even better answer is yes, and what can we do to change that? Let’s tackle this in a way that gives solutions to a nagging problem. After all, nobody wants to be around a nurse who complains tooContinue reading “Are You Complaining Too Much About Being a Nurse?”

NCLEX Reviewer (200 Questions)

 ( ) Above is the link to “NCLEX Reviewer” Complete with Q’s & A’s… to anyone who wants to go over any of the 200 questions. For more NCLEX questions EVERY Wednesday ~Nursing First~ post NCLEX Teasers to our private Facebook Page (Link Below)!!!! >> <&lt;