Nurses Week: Educating, Empowering, & Enhancing

This week we celebrate the nurses who educate, empower, & enhance the nursing profession. Each day this week we will showcase a nurse interview. With this blog, we hope to bring nursing closer together by uplifting each other through personal stories. How long have you been a nurse? Is it your 1st or 2nd career?Continue reading “Nurses Week: Educating, Empowering, & Enhancing”

The Image of Nursing

Nursing is “The Most Trusted Profession” according to the Gallup survey of public perceptions for 2011. Yet we continue to have so many negative images in the media that plague our profession. Most trusted profession? Tell us what you really think? Would you trust the “naughty nurse” to start your I.V.? Or would you trustContinue reading “The Image of Nursing”

Nursing First Exclusive!

Nursing First is the official newsletter for SD Nurse Consulting & Associates. Our company is dedicated to the development and education of the healthcare team. Please join us weekly as we post wonderful ideas and resources to help you grow. Visit our website to check out all of our products and services……..