10 Ways to Exemplify Nursing Leadership

By: EducationCareerArticles It’s no secret that the nursing profession is one of service and dedication to patients and other healthcare staff. There are two ways to teach a person to do something, to tell them and to show them. Nurse Managers who take a servant leadership stance in their department are actively improving care. ByContinue reading “10 Ways to Exemplify Nursing Leadership”

3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!

NursingTogether.Com By: Jennifer Ward Every day we meet a lot of various types of people. But handling different types of nurses at work can be a daunting task. It can be very frustrating working with lazy, difficult co-workers who don’t pull their weight. If you have been in this profession for any length of time, youContinue reading “3 Types of Nurses at Work That Drive Us Nuts!!!”

NCLEX Reviewer (200 Questions)

 ( http://just-an-average-nurse.blogspot.com/2013/03/nclex-reviewer-complete-with-rationale.html ) Above is the link to “NCLEX Reviewer” Complete with Q’s & A’s… to anyone who wants to go over any of the 200 questions. For more NCLEX questions EVERY Wednesday ~Nursing First~ post NCLEX Teasers to our private Facebook Page (Link Below)!!!! >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/nursingfirst/ <&lt;

What to do when Patients are NOT being honest with you??

NEW ADMISSION: During the assessment – Have you ever had a patient refuse to tell you everything that was in their bag/purse? Or have they just flat-out lied, saying that they do not have any other medications or none at all? If you ever come across a situation like this where a patient refuses toContinue reading “What to do when Patients are NOT being honest with you??”

17 Reasons Being a Nurse Entrepreneur Rocks!!

NurseTogether.Com By: Alicia Pierre To be a nurse entrepreneur , it’s no cake walk. Anyone who tries to sell you a fantasy of all play, no work, is probably delusional or lying. Being in business can be tough. There are decisions to be made. Big decisions. Big-sometimes-overwhelming-decisions. Risks to take. Long hours to work (especiallyContinue reading “17 Reasons Being a Nurse Entrepreneur Rocks!!”

Being A Nursing Student Is VERY Stressful!!

Being a Nursing Student is very stressful. No matter what stage of nursing school you are at, it will always seem like a huge weight load. You don’t want to let the pressure build up and crumble you to pieces, so if you are noticing that you are having an issue with one of your classes SEEKContinue reading “Being A Nursing Student Is VERY Stressful!!”

Nurse Hazing and Its Ethical Realities

NurseTogether By: Renee Thompson As an ethical issue in nursing, we all know nurses who think being mean to newer nurses is a “right of passage.” They appear to take pride in demoralizing the “newbies” and think they are toughening them up to make them good nurses. They talk about how they were tortured asContinue reading “Nurse Hazing and Its Ethical Realities”