10 things only ER Nurses Understand

ScrubsMag.Com By: Scrubs Editor Coping with frequent fliers. Eating lunch right after cleaning up a messy trauma. Patients who are, well, impatient. ER nurses, we feel your pain! We asked our Facebook fans for the little things about life on the job that only ER nurses would “get”–laugh (and nod your head in agreement!) atContinue reading “10 things only ER Nurses Understand”

22 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be a Nurse

NurseTogether.Com By: Susan Kieffer To be a nurse is difficult. This article is dedicated to outstanding nurses around the world working in the trenches; working tirelessly for the good of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones who are entrusted to your tender, loving and skillful care. Many are asking, why is it so difficult toContinue reading “22 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be a Nurse”

10 Tips to Beat Anxiety When Taking the NCLEX Exam!!

NurseTogether.Com By: Sue Heacock  Whether you’re taking a short quiz or the NCLEX exam, you’re sure to encounter test anxiety. It is that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you feel that you will inevitably fail, no matter what. It is the physical tension and the headache that creeps up onContinue reading “10 Tips to Beat Anxiety When Taking the NCLEX Exam!!”

STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift!

Have you ever got to work and before you could even get to your locker you have everybody coming up to you saying how bad of a shift it was for them? Did you answer yes? Well, so did I and it completely changed my mood for a second! I had to think and sayContinue reading “STOP giving BAD NEWS to the oncoming shift!”

How Nursing Professionals Can Identify Human Trafficking Victims

By NurseTogether.Com As Nurses we come across ALL types of patients and situations, sadly Human Trafficking is real in the world and as long as we have the knowledge and proper care we can help stop and or prevent it from continuing. Every bit of help is needed to stop this horrible  mess towards women of allContinue reading “How Nursing Professionals Can Identify Human Trafficking Victims”


EVERYTHING is about business now and LESS about the PATIENTS! Hospitals care so much about the paperwork and documents and NOT enough about taking care of the actual patient. Then they wonder why the patients keep having to come back! Documentation is VERY important because it helps us keep track of what’s going on with the patient and how toContinue reading “PAPERWORK vs. PATIENT CARE”

Bedside Report

Why “BEDSIDE REPORT” is so important? There was a time when the new Nurse walked in about to introduce herself & the confused patient has got out the bed (Forgetting/not knowing he has a Foley catheter) with his Foley catheter still attached to the bed and pulled it out. Had bedside report been done his bed alarm wouldContinue reading “Bedside Report”

What to do when Patients are NOT being honest with you??

NEW ADMISSION: During the assessment – Have you ever had a patient refuse to tell you everything that was in their bag/purse? Or have they just flat-out lied, saying that they do not have any other medications or none at all? If you ever come across a situation like this where a patient refuses toContinue reading “What to do when Patients are NOT being honest with you??”