Nursing Simulation Scenario: Stress & Crisis

By: Montgomery College

This video is one in a series of nursing simulation scenarios created to educate nursing students and refresh new practicing nurses about situations they could encounter in practice in a simulated context. Complete information about this scenario, from set-up to debriefing questions, can be found at ~(Youtube.Com)


Being A Nursing Student Is VERY Stressful!!

Being a Nursing Student is very stressful. No matter what stage of nursing school you are at, it will always seem like a huge weight load. You don’t want to let the pressure build up and crumble you to pieces, so if you are noticing that you are having an issue with one of your classes SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY. This saves you a letter grade, as well as having to repeat the class in the near future. Nursing school is very tough, but with the proper education, motivation, mentors, inspiration and tools to deal with stress everything else shall fall into place. In order to stay on track of your career goal you must first take steps to help cope with the stress. So what is it that you do to cope with the stress as a Nursing student?? How did you or do you cope with the stress as a Nursing Student? If you don’t really have anything to help cope with the stress, here are a few tips below.